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One is not born into the world to do everything but to do something.
-- Henry David Thoreau

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This Day in Colonial History -- May 30th:
click on      for links to additional information; or go to the Timeline for more events
 •  1498-Columbus departs with six ships for third trip to America 
 •  1522-French troops driven out of Genoa 
 •  1527-University of Marburg (Germany) founded
 •  1536-English king Henry VIII marries Jane Seymour 
 •  1539-Spanish explorer Fernando de Soto discovers Florida 
 •  1574-Henry III follows brother Charles IX as king of France 
  -Sea battle at Lillo Belgium (Adolf Van Haemstede vs Louis de Boisot) 
 •  1584-Earl Adolf van Nieuwenaar/Meurs becomes viceroy of Gelderland 
 •  1588-Spanish Aramada under Medina-Sidonia departs Lisbon to invade England 
 •  1593-Christopher Marlowe killed in tavern brawl
 •  1631-France and Maximilian van Bavarian sign the Treaty of Fontainebleau
 •  1635-Emperor Ferdinand II and Saksen sign the Peace of Prague
 •  1646-Spain and Netherlands signs temporary cease fire 
 •  1765-Patrick Henry's historic speech against the Stamp Act, answering a cry of "Treason!" with, "If this be treason, make the most of it!"
 •  1783-Benjamin Tower publishes the first US daily newspaper, The Pennsylvania Evening Post 
 •  1793-Georges Couthon chosen member of French Committee of Public Safety
 •  1806-Patriot and future President Andrew Jackson kills Charles Dickinson
 •  1808-Napoleon annexes Tuscany and gave it seats in French Senate 
 •  1814-First Treaty of Paris, after Napoleon's first abdication 
 •  1821-James Boyd patents Rubber Fire Hose 
 •  1822-House slave betrays Denmark Vesey conspiracy (37 blacks hanged) 
 •  1832-Evariste Galois gives his theory on free assembly 
 •  1842-John Francis attempts to assassinate Queen Victoria 
 •  1848-Second battle at Gioto: Sardinia-Piemonte beats Austrians 
  -Mexico ratifies treaty giving U.S. New Mexico, California and parts of Nevada, Utah, Arizona and Colorado in return for $15 million 
 •  1852-English artist George Chinnery dies in Macau
 •  1854-Territories of Kansas and Nebraska created 
 •  1858-Hudson's Bay Co rights to Vancouver Island revoked 

Latest Broadsheets -- Daily news from around the world about the Early Modern Era
Older articles can be found in the Broadsheet Archive
posted on Colonial Sense: 05/30/2015
Group identifies Marylander, 2 German soldiers who died at NY Revolutionary War supply depot
May 11, 2015, The Associated Press by Chris Carola
A historical preservation group working to identify some of the hundreds of soldiers believed buried at a Revolutionary War site in the Hudson Valley has attached names to another three of the fallen, including an officer from Maryland and two German mercenaries who fought for the British.

The Friends of the Fishkill Supply Depot said in a statement released over the weekend that a researcher studying pension files of American Revolution veterans has identified Capt. Joseph Burgess of the 4th Maryland Regiment as a soldier known to have died at the depot, site of a major Continental Army supply depot throughout most of the war.

posted on Colonial Sense: 05/30/2015
Pre-Civil War Era Shipwreck Found At Nantasket Beach
May 10, 2015, CBS Boston (MA) by Paul Burton
It’s a mystery from the deep, timbers from a long ago shipwreck uncovered on Nantasket Beach in Hull.

“Pretty exciting its historical,” Hull resident Megan Doll said.

The ship was discovered last week.

posted on Colonial Sense: 05/29/2015
19th-Century Schooner Unearthed at Toronto’s Historic Waterfront
May 07, 2015, Archaeology Magazine by Staff
Parts of an early nineteenth-century schooner were discovered during a construction project near Toronto’s old Lake Ontario shoreline. Archaeologists from ASI, an archaeological and cultural heritage firm, were looking for the remains of the Queens Wharf and other harbor features when they found the ship’s keel, the lowermost portions of the stern and bow, and a limited section of the bottom of the hull on the port side....

posted on Colonial Sense: 05/29/2015
Nazi-confiscated painting returned to heir of Jewish art historian
May 05, 2015, Reuters by Staff
A 17th century painting taken by Nazis from a prominent German Jewish art historian has been returned to the owner's daughter, New York state officials said on Tuesday. The painting, called "Portrait of a Man," was recovered in part by the New York Department of Financial Services' Holocaust Claims Processing Office, which has helped to return $171 million in assets to relatives of holocaust victims.

posted on Colonial Sense: 05/28/2015
A New Image of William Shakespeare Has Been Discovered, Historian Says
May 19, 2015, Time Magazine by Conal Urquhart
A historian claims he has discovered the only surviving image of William Shakespeare that was produced in his lifetime.

Mark Griffiths, who is also a botanist, found the image in a book published in 1598, The Herball or Generall Historie of Plantes by John Gerard. The 1,484-page encyclopaedia of plants has four portraits on its title page, the fourth of which Griffiths believes is Shakespeare.

posted on Colonial Sense: 05/28/2015
Capt. Kidd's treasure found off Madagascar, report says
May 07, 2015, CNN by Todd Leopold
Explorers in Madagascar may have found treasure from the infamous Capt. Kidd, according to a report.

An expedition overseen by underwater explorer Barry Clifford has located a silver bar believed to have been left by William Kidd, the 17th-century Scottish pirate, the BBC said.

posted on Colonial Sense: 05/27/2015
Unearthing slave artifacts in South Carolina
May 07, 2015, Northern Arizona University News by Staff
May 7, 2015 1 Comments Dr. Moses and Tiny Sharon Moses digging up artifacts at the Hume Plantation with a man who goes by the name, Tiny, and is a South Carolina slave descendant. When Sharon Moses and a group of NAU students conduct an historical archaeology field school later this month, they will be looking for relics buried beneath former slave quarters to gain additional insights on religious practices among different ethnicities and cultures.

Moses, an assistant professor of anthropology and archaeology, is investigating the site of the Hume Plantation’s slave quarters on South Carolina’s Cat Island, specifically looking for items related to rituals and spirituality

posted on Colonial Sense: 05/27/2015
Returning the Spoils of World War II, Taken by Americans
May 05, 2015, The New York Times by Tom Mashberg
As the Allies stormed through Germany in 1945, museum officials in Dessau scurried to hide their art treasures in a nearby salt mine, where they would soon be discovered by American soldiers.

Much of the art was preserved, but three paintings by old masters somehow ended up in a poker game won by an American tank commander, Maj. William S. Oftebro, who quietly mailed them home.

posted on Colonial Sense: 05/26/2015
1776: The Revolt Against Austerity
May 20, 2015, The New York Review of Books by Steve Pincus
Was the Declaration of Independence a powerful indictment of British austerity policies? Does America’s founding document need to be seen as part of an economic debate about the British Empire? These questions may seem jarring, almost anachronistic. But eighteenth-century political argument, like that of our own day, often revolved around responses to fiscal crisis. Just as political debates in Britain and the United States today turn in large part on the response to the great recession of 2008, so the events that made the United States were shaped by the British imperial government’s reaction to the debt crisis of the 1760s. What made the Declaration so offensive to British politicians then, and what makes it highly relevant to Europeans and Americans today, is that America’s founders offered a blueprint for a different kind of state response to fiscal crisis.

posted on Colonial Sense: 05/26/2015
Archaeologists identify sunken 1681 Spanish shipwreck off Panamanian coast
May 12, 2015, Texas State University by Jayme Blaschke
More than three years after uncovering a shipwreck buried in the sand off the Caribbean coast of Panama near the mouth of the Chagres River, ongoing analysis and interpretation has led archaeologists to identify the shipwreck as Nuestra Señora de Encarnación. A colonial Spanish nao, or merchant ship, Encarnación was one of several ships that sank in 1681 when a storm engulfed the Tierra Firme fleet en route to Portobelo, Panama from Cartagena, Colombia. Frederick “Fritz” Hanselmann, research faculty and chief underwater archaeologist with The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment at Texas State University, leads the research team.


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