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In House Only Auction (CA)
Thomas Chippendale at 300: Treasures from the Collection (DE)
Discovery - Interiors Online (MA)
Fine Jewelry Collections Online (MA)
Inspired Design: Asian Decorative Arts and Their Adaptations (MA)
Thrown, Fired and Glazed: The Redware Tradition from Pennsylvania and Beyond (PA)
TENACITY: Women in Jamestown and Early Virginia (VA)

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John Linnell
an English landscape and portrait painter and engraver. Linnell was a naturalist and a rival to John Constable. He had a taste for Northern European art of the Renaissance, particularly Albrecht Dürer. He also associated with William Blake, to whom he introduced Samuel Palmer and others of the Ancients. Linnell was born in Bloomsbury, London. His father was a carver and gilder and Linnell was brought into contact with artists from an early age, and was drawing and selling portraits in chalk and pencil at the age of 10.

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Misfortune, ill fate. Used in the 16th and 17th centuries. Mainly in Scotland; Gavin Douglas in the AENEIS (1513) wrote: I tuik comfort heirof, thinkand but baid That hard wanwerd suld follow fortun glaid.

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Early Republic
What battle in the War of 1812 was also known as Put-In-Bay?
  1. Battle of Plattsburgh

  2. Battle of Detroit

  3. Battle of Lake Ontario

  4. Battle of Lake Erie

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The fairest blossoms of pleasantry thrive best where the sun is not strong enough to scorch, nor the soil rank enough to corrupt.
— Roger L'Estrange

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This Day in Early Modern History -- May 20th

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 •  1495-French King Charles VIII leaves Naples 
 •  1498-Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama arrives at Calicut, India
 •  1501-Joao da Nova discovers Ascension Island
 •  1506-Christopher Columbus dies in Valladolid, Spain
 •  1521- Ignatius of Loyola seriously wounded by a cannon ball
 •  1524-John Stewart, Duke of Albany, leaves Scotland 
 •  1570-Gilles Coppens de Diest publishes Abraham Ortelius' Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, the first true modern atlas
 •  1591-Spanish troops in Zutphen surrenders to William Louis of Nassau-Dillenburg/ Maurice of Orange 
 •  1631-Sack of Magdeburg: German army under Earl Johann Tserclaes conquers Magdeburg
 •  1639-Dorchester, Massachusetts, forms first public school funded by local taxes
 •  1690-England passes Act of Grace, forgiving followers of James II
 •  1704-Elias Neau forms school for slaves in New York 
 •  1734-First Jockey Club forms in South Carolina 
 •  1747-James Lind, a British doctor on one of His Majesty’s ships, begins clinical testing that uncovers the cause of scurvy and leads to its cure
  -Britain gives Quebec, Labrador and territory north of Ohio 
 •  1775-Citizens of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina declare independence of Britain
 •  1778-Battle of Barren Hill, Pennsylvania
 •  1784-England and the Netherlands sign peace treaty (Peace of Paris), ending the Fourth Anglo-Dutch War
 •  1830-First railroad timetable published in newspaper (The Baltimore American) 
  -D. Hyde patents fountain pen [check -- 1809, Purvis?] 
 •  1845-First legislative assembly convenes in Hawaii 


 •  1683-  Elijah Fenton -- Writers
 •  1726-  Francis Cotes -- Artists
 •  1743-  Toussaint Louverture -- MilitaryGovernance
 •  1759-  William Thornton -- ArchitectsPhysicians
 •  1768-  Dolley Madison -- Governance
 •  1772-  William Congreve -- Scientists
 •  1776-  Simon Fraser -- Explorers
 •  1799-  Honore de Balzac -- Writers
 •  1806-  John Stuart Mill -- Writers
 •  1808-  Thomas D. Rice -- Writers
 •  1817-  Edward Armitage -- Artists
 •  1818-  William Fargo -- Commerce
 •  1819-  Horace Jones -- Architects
 •  1824-  Nadezhda Khvoshchinskaya -- Writers
 •  1825-  Antoinette Brown Blackwell -- ClergyWriters
  -  George Phillips Bond -- Astronomers


 •  1506-  Christopher Columbus -- Explorers
 •  1622-   Osman II -- ClergyGovernance
 •  1648-   Wladyslaw IV Vasa -- Governance
 •  1755-  Johann Georg Gmelin -- ExplorersScientists
 •  1758-  Henric Benzelius -- Clergy
 •  1784-  Alexander Ross -- Writers
 •  1792-  Antoine Louis -- WritersPhysiciansInventors
 •  1834-  Gilbert du Motier -- Military
 •  1855-  William S. Holabird -- GovernanceLegal
 •  1859-  Henriette Gislesen -- Writers

Latest Broadsheets -- Daily news from around the world about the Early Modern Era

Older articles can be found in the Broadsheet Archive
posted on Colonial Sense: 05/20/2019
What caused Leonardo da Vinci's hand impairment?
May 04, 2019, CNN by Ashley Strickland
A 16th-century drawing of Leonardo da Vinci suggests that the artist sustained traumatic nerve damage to his right hand that impaired his painting skills late in life, according to a new study.

Dr. David Lazzeri, a plastic reconstructive surgery specialist at Villa Salaria Clinic in Rome, and Dr. Carlo Rossi, a neurology specialist at Hospital of Pontedera, analyzed a red chalk drawing of Leonardo by Giovanni Ambrogio Figino and compared it with an engraving of Leonardo, as well as a biography. Their study was published Friday in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, coinciding with the 500th anniversary of Leonardo's death.

posted on Colonial Sense: 05/19/2019
America Is Living James Madison’s Nightmare
September 18, 2018, The Atlantic by Jeffrey Rosen
James madison traveled to Philadelphia in 1787 with Athens on his mind. He had spent the year before the Constitutional Convention reading two trunkfuls of books on the history of failed democracies, sent to him from Paris by Thomas Jefferson. Madison was determined, in drafting the Constitution, to avoid the fate of those “ancient and modern confederacies,” which he believed had succumbed to rule by demagogues and mobs.

posted on Colonial Sense: 05/18/2019
Doctor diagnoses woman in 'Mona Lisa'
September 07, 2018, HLN by Staff
[VIDEO] A doctor in Boston says the woman in the "Mona Lisa" portrait was suffering from an illness, possibly a serious thyroid condition.

posted on Colonial Sense: 05/17/2019
Archaeologists explore a rural field in Kansas, and a lost city emerges
August 19, 2018, Los Angeles Times by David Kelly
Of all the places to discover a lost city, this pleasing little community seems an unlikely candidate.

There are no vine-covered temples or impenetrable jungles here — just an old-fashioned downtown, a drug store that serves up root beer floats and rambling houses along shady brick lanes.

...Using freshly translated documents written by the Spanish conquistadors more than 400 years ago and an array of high-tech equipment, Blakeslee located what he believes to be the lost city of Etzanoa, home to perhaps 20,000 people between 1450 and 1700.

posted on Colonial Sense: 05/16/2019
How Venice’s Salty Winds Destroyed Titian’s Fantastic Frescoes
August 24, 2018, The Daily Beast by Allison McNearney
It was a January evening in Venice in 1505. One can imagine the scene: well-to-do Venetians sitting around their formal tables waiting for dinner to be served while the gondoliers still on duty bundled up against the winter winds and piloted their boats down the Grand Canal.

On the eastern shore, just before they passed under the Rialto Bridge, they would glide by the Fondaco dei Tedeschi, where German merchants were housed with the wares they had brought to sell and trade in the booming port city.

What the passing gondoliers and the merchants inside didn’t yet know that evening was that a fire was breaking out in the attic of the building the Germans were assigned—and largely confined—to while they were in town conducting their business.

posted on Colonial Sense: 05/15/2019 -- Followup
Archaeologists may have unearthed the nearly 400-year-old skeleton of America's second governor
July 25, 2018, CNN by Jessica Campisi and Brandon Griggs
Last weekend a group of archaeologists unearthed a skeleton they think belongs to the man who presided over the first representative government assembly in the Western Hemisphere.

Now, they have to prove it's really him.

Archaeologists in Jamestown, Virginia -- North America's first permanent British settlement -- began excavating the site almost two years ago. After many months of work, they spent this weekend uncovering what could be the grave of Sir George Yeardley, one of Jamestown's early leaders.

posted on Colonial Sense: 05/14/2019
Archaeologists have found the remains of one of Jamestown’s early settlers. Now they have to prove he is who they think he is.
July 24, 2018, The Washington Post (DC) by Michael Ruane
The skeleton was beautifully laid out in a formal English-style burial, hands at the sides, palms down, the body probably pinned up in a shroud.

The arms, legs, and ribs were largely intact. But the skull, which was crucial, was gone.

So when Mary Anna Hartley, picking at the dirt in the bottom of the 400-year-old grave stumbled on the next best thing, she yelled, “Teeth!”

posted on Colonial Sense: 05/13/2019
Court documents detail theft of rare maps, books, prints from Carnegie Library
June 29, 2018, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) by Paula Reed Ward
A 1787 document signed by Thomas Jefferson. “Four Works Bound Together,” John Calvin, 1557-1572. And pages and pages sliced from rare books from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh are among more than 300 items stolen over the last 20 years.

The former archivist of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s rare book collection told investigators he conspired with the owner of an Oakland bookseller since the 1990s to steal and resell items taken from there.

posted on Colonial Sense: 05/12/2019
Traces of Lost Society Found in 'Pristine' Cloud Forest
July 16, 2018, National Geographic by Alejandra Borunda
In the 1850s, a team of botanists venturing into the cloud forest in the Quijos Valley of eastern Ecuador hacked their way through vegetation so thick they could barely make their way forward. This, they thought, was the heart of the pristine forest, a place where people had never gone.

But they were very wrong. Indigenous Quijo groups had developed sophisticated agricultural settlements across the region, settlements that had been decimated with the arrival of Spanish explorers in the 1500s. In their absence, the forest sprung back. This process of societal collapse and forest reclamation is described in a new study published today in Nature Ecology and Evolution.

posted on Colonial Sense: 05/11/2019
Demolish or restore discoloured Taj Mahal, India's Supreme Court tells government
July 16, 2018, The Art Newspaper by Gareth Harris
The Taj Mahal in Agra could be closed unless the Indian government steps in and saves the neglected landmark, says India’s Supreme Court. “Either we shut down the Taj or demolish it or you restore it,” the two-judge committee told state officials last week.

In May, the judges said that the white marble monument was turning yellow, and even brown in parts, due to pollution and insect dung, and told the central government that it should seek foreign expertise to fix “the worrying change in colour”.

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