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Gothic to Goth: Romantic Era Fashion & Its Legacy (CT)
Made in the Americas: The New World Discovers Asia (DE)
Embroidery: The Language of Art (DE)
Nature Camp (KY)
Aprons, Robes, and Thrones: Fraternal Regalia Catalogs in the Library & Archives Collection (MA)
Keeping Time - Clockmakers and Collectors (MA)
Into the Woods: Crafting Early American Furniture (MA)
Engraved Powder Horns from the French and Indian War and the American Revolution (MA)
Nooks and Crannies (MA)
Summer Camp: Time Travelers (MD)
Metrolina Antique and Vintage Market (NC)
MESDA Summer Institute - The Upper Chesapeake (NC)
The Currency of Colonial America - the Struggle for Economic Independence (NH)
“The American Revolution on the Northern Frontier: Fort Ticonderoga and the Road to Saratoga” (NY)
Shaker Archaeological Dig (OH)
American Furniture Icons at the Shaker Historical Society & Museum (OH)
A Celebration of Quilts (VA)
Architectural Clues to 18th-Century Williamsburg (VA)

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With the loops of the pile-warp (that forms the nap -- of carpetry, or velvet) formed of three threads, hence producing a trebly thick pile, of the finest quality. Hence, three-piled, of the highest quality; exquisite; by deterioration, overfine, extreme. Elizabeth Barrett Browning in NATURE'S REMORSES (1861) has: On three-piled carpet of compliments. Shakespeare in LOVE'S LABOUR'S LOST (1588) speaks of the courtier's Taffata phrases, silken tearmes precise, Three-pil'd hyperboles, spruce affectation.

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For we must consider that we shall be as a city upon a hill. The eyes of all people are upon us.
— John Winthrop
Sermon to his fellow Puritans on their way to Massachusetts in 1630.

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This Day in Early Modern History -- June 29th

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 •  1529-Emperor Karel V and Pope Clement VII sign Treaty of Barcelona 
 •  1534-Jacques Cartier discovers Prince Edward Islands Canada 
 •  1540-English ex-chancellor Thomas Cromwell sentenced as heretic
 •  1613-London's Globe Theatre burns to the ground during a performance of Henry VIII. The fire is believed to be caused by a sound-effects cannon.
 •  1682-Sofia names herself regent of Russia 
 •  1694-Dutch fleet attacks French grain transports 
 •  1755-515 prominent Filipinos baptized as Catholic 
 •  1756-French fleet conquer St. Philips Castle of Minorca
 •  1762-Russian Czar Peter III divorces his wife Catharina II 
 •  1767-British passes Townshend Revenue Act levying taxes on America
 •  1776-South Carolina’s Edward Rutledge opposes independence
  -Mission Dolores founded by San Francisco Bay
  -Virginia state constitution adopted 
  -Patrick Henry made governor of Virginia 
 •  1797-Cisalpine Republic created
 •  1800-Free mason lodge establishes in Alkmaar 
 •  1822-Prince Charles Bonaparte marries niece Zénaïde Bonaparte
 •  1835-Texan William Travis prepares for war with Mexico
 •  1850-British ex-premier sir Robert Peel falls off his horse, dies three days later
 •  1854-Gadsden Purchase (parts of Az, NM) from Mexico for $10 million 
  -Netherlands allows corporal punishment 
 •  1858-Great fire in London harbor 
  -Treaty of Aigun, China cedes north bank of Amur River to Russia

Latest Broadsheets -- Daily news from around the world about the Early Modern Era

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posted on Colonial Sense: 06/29/2016
Debarred Arms
June 23, 2016, Snopes by Dan Evon
CLAIM: Thomas Jefferson wrote that "the strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms" is to "protect themselves against tyranny in government."


posted on Colonial Sense: 06/29/2016 -- Followup
British spy John Andre’s 1776 sketches sold at NYC auction
June 22, 2016, The Associated Press by Staff
Portraits of an Albany mayor and his wife drawn by British officer-turned-spy John Andre during the Revolutionary War have been sold for $47,500 at a New York City auction.

Swann Auction Galleries in Manhattan say the circa-1776 pencil-on-paper sketches were sold Tuesday to an unidentified buyer. The artwork, mounted together and sold as one unit, had an estimated pre-sale price of $50,000 to $75,000.

posted on Colonial Sense: 06/28/2016
After 17 Years, La Belle Shipwreck Now Complete
June 20, 2016, Texas A & M Today (TX) by
It’s been a ship restoration like none other in Texas history – spanning 17 years, using more than 100 staff, volunteers and graduate students in two different locations – but efforts to restore the La Belle, a French ship that sank off the coast in Matagorda Bay during the winter of 1686, have been completed by researchers at Texas A&M University’s Conservation Research Laboratory.

Dr. Peter Fix, watercraft conservator at the Lab, under the direction of Lab director Dr. Donny L. Hamilton has managed the project from its early stages and the ship now rests far from the choppy waves of the Gulf of Mexico. It is preserved in the Bullock State History Museum in Austin where thousands of visitors can learn about the ship’s colorful past.

posted on Colonial Sense: 06/28/2016
Could Long-Lost Amber Room Be Stashed in a Nazi Bunker in Poland?
June 10, 2016, The New York Times by Rick Lyman
There is perhaps no lost-treasure mystery more seductive than that of the priceless Amber Room of Peter the Great, which disappeared in the chaotic closing hours of World War II. Now Bartlomiej Plebanczyk, an unassuming historian and museum director in northeastern Poland, believes he has found it.

Elderly villagers told Mr. Plebanczyk that they had seen a German convoy unloading big crates into a secret chamber in a stark, moss-covered Nazi bunker near the Russian border in early 1945. So the Mamerki Museum, whichhe leads, recently completed a ground-penetrating radar scan of the derelict bunker that he said confirmed the existence of a hidden chamber.

posted on Colonial Sense: 06/27/2016
British Groups Join Fight Over Revolutionary War Battlefield
June 20, 2016, The Associated Press by Staff
Two British military heritage organizations have joined the fight to prevent the development of privately owned portion of a Revolutionary War battlefield site in New Jersey.

The UK Battlefields Trust and the Royal Leicestershire Regiment Association have joined forces with the Save Princeton Coalition. They're fighting the Institute for Advanced Study's plans to build faculty housing on land adjacent to Princeton Battlefield State Park.

posted on Colonial Sense: 06/27/2016
Painting 'wrecked beyond repair' to be shown again after intensive restoration
June 05, 2016, The Guardian (UK) by Maev Kennedy
A painting that languished in store for several lifetimes, regarded as too wrecked ever to be exhibited again at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, has been restored through thousands of hours of work by expert conservators. It will now go on display to mark the museum’s bicentenary.

A glowing landscape framing a tender scene of the Adoration of the Shepherds, by the Italian Renaissance master Sebastiano del Piombo, has re-emerged from three centuries of overpainting, attempts to solve the original disastrous decision to lift it off the 16th century wooden panel and transfer it to canvas.

posted on Colonial Sense: 06/26/2016
John Andre Sketches for Sale
June 20, 2016, The Associated Press by Staff
Two portraits drawn during the Revolutionary War by a British officer-turned-spy linked to Benedict Arnold are being auctioned in New York City.

Swann Auction Galleries in Manhattan on Tuesday is selling John Andre's circa-1776 portraits of Albany Mayor Abraham Cuyler and his wife. The pencil-on-paper sketches are mounted together and being sold as one unit. The estimated sale price is $50,000 to $75,000.

posted on Colonial Sense: 06/26/2016
Remains of slaves owned by Hamilton's father-in-law reburied in New York state
June 18, 2016, The Guardian (UK) by Alan Yuhas
The 14 bodies were found during work on water pipes, each of them aligned to the east. They were the remains of a man, six women, five children and two infants, and they were near land once owned by the father-in-law of Alexander Hamilton, a hero of the US revolutionary war. They were the family’s slaves.

On Saturday the community that survived them in Albany, New York, will see them buried again in a cemetery first dedicated in the run-up to the civil war for Irish Catholics, the unwanted immigrants of the 1860s.

posted on Colonial Sense: 06/25/2016
See Nine Amazing Treasures from the Revolutionary War
June 17, 2016, National Geographic by Kristin Romey
George Washington's headquarters flag, a powder horn engraved with the message "Liberty or Death," and a punch bowl emblazoned with the Arms of Liberty are just some of the several thousand objects that will go on display when the Museum of the American Revolution opens next April in Philadelphia.

posted on Colonial Sense: 06/25/2016
Cherokee group retraces ‘Trail of Tears’
June 14, 2016, Compton Herald (CA) by Staff
Even though the peoples of the Cherokee Nation no longer call Georgia home, the imprint of their culture and heritage remain embedded in the map of the state.

...On Sunday, 17 bicycle riders — chosen from both the Eastern band of the Nation in North Carolina and the Western band from Oklahoma — gathered around the monument at New Echota south of Resaca and began retracing the route their ancestors were forced to make in the summer of 1838.

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