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Daily Trivia [More]
Early Colonies
What were Edward Winslow and Susanna White known for?
  1. First couple to be married in Plymouth Colony

  2. First English couple to be killed by Indians

  3. First couple to be divorced in Charleston

  4. Parents of first English baby to be born in Virginia

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More notable sayings can be found in the Colonial Quotes section
A government of laws, and not of men.
-- John Adams

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This Day in Colonial History -- October 10th:
click on      for links to additional information; or go to the Timeline for more events
 •  1575-Battle of Dormans: Roman Catholic forces under Duke Henry of Guise defeat the Protestants, capturing Philippe de Mornay among others.
 •  1578-Count Johan Casimir occupies Ghent with 500 horsemen 
 •  1631-Saxon army occupies Prague 
 •  1683-French king Louis XIV marries Françoise d'Aubigné, marquise de Maintenon
 •  1695-King Willem III escapes South Netherlands, back to England 
 •  1720-French government proclaims strike on banknotes 
 •  1733-France declares war on emperor Charles VI 
 •  1738-Painter Benjamin West is born in Springfield, PA
 •  1760-Suriname Colonial Regime signs treaty with Aukaners (ex-slaves)
 •  1775-Howe named commander in chief of British army
 •  1780-Great Hurricane of 1780 kills 20,000 to 30,000 in Caribbean
 •  1787-Amsterdam surrenders to Prussian invasion army 
 •  1799-Convention of Alkmaar: English/Russian invasion army departs the Batavian Republic
 •  1802-First non-indian settlement in Oklahoma 
 •  1839-British troops under General Charles Napier occupy Beirut 
 •  1845-Naval School (now called U.S. Naval Academy) opens at Annapolis
 •  1846-Alexis de Tocqueville writes about the "Algerian problem" 
  -Neptune's moon Triton discovered by William Lassell
 •  1854-U.S. Assay Office in New York City, New York opens 

Latest Broadsheets -- Daily news from around the world about the Early Modern Era
Older articles can be found in the Broadsheet Archive
posted on Colonial Sense: 10/07/2015
Echoes of Rebellion: Modern Technology Helps Historians Map Out Battle
October 01, 2015, Sputnik News by Staff
As the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once said, hardly a man is still alive that remembers the midnight ride of Paul Revere, who in April, 1775 warned the residents of Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts of the coming of the British Regulars who sought to disarm the colonists and prevent rebellion. The colonists stoutly refused, and the battle which marked the outset of the American Revolutionary War ensued.

Now, 240 years later, nobody is left who remembers the details of the conflict first-hand, but sophisticated metal detectors, ground-penetrating radars and other 21st century technology promise to help experts and enthusiasts reconstruct the exact position of combatants who participated in Parker’s Revenge, a significant ambush that occurred during the battle.

posted on Colonial Sense: 10/07/2015 -- Followup
Sainthood of Junípero Serra Reopens Wounds of Colonialism in California
September 29, 2015, The New York Times by Laura M. Holson
A group of teenagers huddled at the foot of a statue of Junípero Serra at the Carmel Mission on Monday, there to pay homage to the Spaniard who helped colonize California in the 18th century. Only a day earlier, vandals had toppled the six-foot figure and doused it with paint, writing “saint of genocide” on a nearby triangle of stone. But now the statue was upright and scrubbed clean for visitors.

Catholic Church officials said the vandalism was the first of its kind at the mission, timed to Pope Francis’ visit to the United States, during which he elevated Father Serra to sainthood at a Mass at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington. The attack also came just hours before parishioners planned to honor Father Serra, a revered former Carmel resident whose celebrity attracts thousands of tourists each year to this quiet hamlet along Monterey Bay.

posted on Colonial Sense: 10/06/2015
Archeologists Uncover Secrets of Revolutionary War Site
September 29, 2015, The Associated Press by Mark Pratt
Archeologists using 21st-century technology are mapping out the exact spots British soldiers and Colonial militiamen were standing as they fired at each other during a pivotal skirmish on the first day of the American Revolution.

Parker's Revenge, as the fight is known, occurred on April 19, 1775, after the battles of Lexington and Concord as the redcoats retreated to Boston.

posted on Colonial Sense: 10/06/2015
What Every Block of New York City Looked Like 400 Years Ago
September 29, 2015, Gizmodo by Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan
Where the Chrysler Building stands, there may have been gray wolves and hoary bats. Chinatown was home to a long tidal creek and salty marsh. A Lenape trail wound through the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge.

This was Manhattan in 1609, on the brink of European settlement, the year Henry Hudson sailed into New York Bay. It was a hugely diverse and rich landscape, threaded with trails used by Lenape indians. The island’s biodiversity per acre was “rivaled that of national parks like Yellowstone, Yosemite and the Great Smoky Mountains,” writes the creator of the Welikia Project, landscape ecologist Dr. Eric Sanderson, who founded the project almost 20 years ago.

posted on Colonial Sense: 09/29/2015 -- Followup
The Hunt for Mona Lisa's Bones Is A Publicity Stunt, Not Science
September 24, 2015, Forbes by Kristina Killgrove
Every summer since 2011, a report has come out that a team of Italian archaeologists is closer to finding the tomb and the bones of Lisa Gherardini, the woman who many art historians believe sat for Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. And every summer, the archaeologists come up empty handed, with a few scattered bones and radically revised plans for how they will salvage their quest to prove Gherardini was the Mona Lisa. But does it really matter if Gherardini is positively identified? Is it worth expending significant time and money on this attempt?

posted on Colonial Sense: 09/28/2015 -- Followup
Archaeologists find bone fragments in hunt for 'real' Mona Lisa
September 24, 2015, AFP by Fanny Carrier
Italian archaeologists trying to solve the mystery behind one of the world's most famous paintings said Wednesday they had found bits of bone that could have belonged to the 'real' Mona Lisa.

The team is certain that Florentine Lisa Gherardini was the mysterious woman who sat for Leonardo da Vinci's portrait, but after years of research on skeletons unearthed in the Tuscan city, they have just a femur that might match -- but no DNA to test it against.

posted on Colonial Sense: 09/28/2015
Archaeologist says he has found actual Mountain Meadows Massacre graves; it’s not on LDS-owned land
September 19, 2015, The Salt Lake Tribune (UT) by Brian Maffly
For more than a century and a half after the Mountain Meadows Massacre, no one knew exactly where the bodies were buried.

A California-based archaeologist now says he has solved the mystery, and that it was surprisingly easy.

Last summer, Everett Bassett found what he believes are the two rock graves constructed by the U.S. Army about 20 months after Mormon militiamen and their Paiute allies slaughtered 120 westbound Arkansas migrants in southwestern Utah.

posted on Colonial Sense: 09/27/2015
Pope Francis canonizes controversial saint Serra
September 23, 2015, CNN by Daniel Burke
Pope Francis on Wednesday canonized Junipero Serra, a Spanish missionary, a moment of deep pride for Latinos but a source of controversy for many Native Americans.

Serra, who came to California nearly 250 years ago, is the first saint to be canonized on U.S. soil.

posted on Colonial Sense: 09/27/2015
Longest Polish river reveals secrets amid drought
September 04, 2015, AFP by Staff
Archeologists are having a field day in Poland’s longest river, the Vistula, which because of a drought has hit a record low water level allowing them to uncover a treasure trove of ancient artifacts.

...“It’s mainly fragments of carved stones that the Swedes tried to steal in the 17th century during their 1656 invasion,” Kowalski told AFP.

posted on Colonial Sense: 09/22/2015
Skeletons of 200 Napoleonic troops found in Germany
September 17, 2015, The Guardian (UK) by Staff
The skeletons of 200 French soldiers who were fighting for Napoléon Bonaparte in 1813 have been found during construction work in Frankfurt, Germany, according to local officials.

“We estimate that about 200 people were buried here,” Olaf Cunitz, the city’s head of town planning, said on Thursday, talking at the site in Frankfurt’s western Rödelheim district. He said they were probably soldiers from the Grande Armée returning from Russia in 1813.


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