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Pine Floorboards

Warmth and Comfort Beneath the Feet

OverviewHow to Install Pine Flooring  

Pine Floorboards - Pine floor boards painted at the Swan Tavern
Pine floor boards painted at the Swan Tavern
Back in the
seventies, there was a feeling that to authentically install pine flooring the boards had to be wide, anywhere from 15 to 23 inches. People would scour the countryside to find genuine old boards that met this requirement. If the boards couldn't be found, then they had to be reproduced. Mellowed wide white pine flooring gives a sense of simple elegance and without a doubt, gives the homeowner a feeling that they live in a New England home. There continues to be salvage companies rescuing architectural material from recently torn down homes and buildings. Even though the supply is less than what it used to be, you can still find wide pine flooring. One company offers sizes of 1" X 8", 10", 12", 15", 18" and 20". You can still get that colonial look if you choose narrower boards. Pergo is not the way to go if you want that colonial feel. We show you how to lay pine boards for your flooring.

Source: Research, photos & text by Bryan Wright

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