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The recipes of Colonial America are quite diverse, going well beyond "Boston Baked Beans" or venison and turkey. And, given their limited supply of resources -- the supermarket did not yet exist -- they used their ingenuity to create a wide range of palatable dishes. Some we still enjoy today in mainstream America, while other methods and items of preparation have fallen out of fashion. Here you will find both the popular and not-so-popular recipes of the early Americans.

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Useful SoupSoups-Stews" For Benevolent Purposes"
Veal a la BourgeoiseMeats"An excellent dish"
Veal BrothSoups-Stewssoup/gravy stock
Veal CakeMeats"a Convenient Dish for a Picnic"
Veal Cutlets a la Maintenon Meats"an Entree"
Veal, BakedMeatsCold Meat Cookery
Veal, CurriedMeatsCold Meat Cookery
Veal, Leg of, Stuffed.MeatsBasic cooking
Veal, Minced, and MacaroniMeats"A pretty side or corner dish"
Veal, PottedMeatsfor Breakfast
Veal, Ragout of ColdMeatsCold Meat Cookery
Veal, RoastedMeatsBasic cooking
Venison, Haunch of, RoastedMeatsColonial Entree
Venison, Roast MeatsColonial Entree
Vermacelli SoupSoups-StewsColonial soup
Wafers, GenevaDessertsSweet treats!
Walnut Ketchup IToppingsVersatile sauce
Walnut Ketchup IIToppingsFrom walnut shells
Walnuts, PickledSide Dishes(Very Good)
WassailDrinksColonial hot cider punch
Welsh NectarDrinksColonial drink
Whiskey CordialDrinksSeasonable in July
White GravyToppingsBasic gravy
Whitebait, DressedSeafoodBasic fish
Whiting au GratinSeafoodaka Baked Whiting
Whiting aux Fine HerbesSeafoodColonial fish
Whiting, BoiledSeafoodBasic fish
Whiting, BroiledSeafoodBasic fish
Whiting, FriedSeafoodBasic fish
Wine, MulledDrinksWinter drink

480 of 480 Recipes
Displaying Recipes 451 to 480
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  

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