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In Colonial America, confectionaries and baked goods were the palate's delight to many colonials. However because of the high cost of ingredients such as citrus, spices, nuts, and chocolates, the common colonial man did not have access to such sweet delights. This did not hinder many enterprising shop keepers from offering the imported ingredients from Europe and the Caribbean. Cakes and cookies were flavored with spices, and with the massive influx of Pennsylvania Germans into the port city of Philadelphia, flavors like apples, rum, nutmeg, and cinnamon influenced greatly the recipes of the colonial baker.

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Alma PuddingColonial dessert
Almond FlowersElegant dessert
Almond Pudding, Baked"Very rich"
Apple Ginger"A Dessert Dish"
Apple Pudding, Baked"Very Good"
Apple SnowballsColonial dessert
Apple-Almond Crumb Pie Early American pie
Apricot CreamChilled dessert
Apricot Pudding, BakedColonial dessert
Apricot-Gooseberry Strudel Filling Pie filling
Arrowroot PuddingBaked or Boiled
Aunt Nelly's PuddingBest for winter
Bachelor's PuddingEasy dessert
Baroness PuddingGood in winter
Batter Pudding, Baked IColonial dessert
Batter Pudding, Baked IIwith Dried or Fresh Fruit
Batter Pudding, BoiledColonial dessert
Bread Pudding, BakedColonial dessert
Bread Pudding, BoiledColonial dessert
Bread Pudding, Very PlainBasic dessert
Bread Puddings, MiniatureColonial dessert
Brown-Bread PuddingWinter pudding
Canary PuddingLemony dessert
Candied CitrusColonial candy
Candied GingerAdapted from Martha Washington's recipe
Chocolate Truffles Delicious chocolate treats
Colonial Brown Sugar CookiesGreat dessert or snack
Currant Pudding, Boiled(Plain and Economical)
Custard Pudding, BoiledBasic dessert
Everton ToffeeColonial candy
Exeter Pudding(Very rich)
Fig Pudding IHoliday dessert
Fig Pudding II(Staffordshire Recipe)
FlummeryEarly American pudding
German Pancakes with ApplesSweet fritters
German PuddingColonial dessert
Ginger Apples"A pretty Dessert Dish"
Ginger PuddingColonial dessert
Gooseberry Pudding, BakedColonial dessert
Half-Pay PuddingEconomical dessert
Hunter's PuddingSeasonable in winter
Iced Pudding(Parisian Recipe)
Indian Tapioca PuddingEarly American pudding
MacaroonsAlmond cookies
Mango-Papaya Sorbet Modernized 18th-century exotic dessert
Mixed Berry and Cream Cheese TurnoversFruity dessert
Orange Batter PuddingBest for winter
Orange FrittersColonial dessert
Oysters, Fried in BatterGreat by themselves or as a garnish
Peach-Raspberry Strudel Filling Pie filling

60 of 60 Desserts
Displaying Desserts 1 to 50
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