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Domesticated livestock and wild game were the foundation of the colonist's diets. Most recipes were not to create a uniqely-flavored dish, but were simply instructions to ensure that the critter was cooked properly; feel free to add any herbs, spices or other ingredients to enhance the flavor of the basics.

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Beef CakeGreat for leftovers
Beef Steaks, FriedColonial steaks
Beef, Curried(Cold Meat Cookery)
Beef, RoastedBasic cooking
Black-Cock, Roastedaka Black Grouse
Bubble-and-Squeak(Cold Meat Cookery)
Calf's Feet, FricasseedColonial main dish
Calf's Head, Hashed(Cold Meat Cookery)
Chicken Roly-Poly A very old recipe
Duck Ragout, WholeWinter entree
Duck, Wild, Roasted Basic meat
Fowl, Broiled, and Mushroom SauceFor chicken, et&.
Fowls, RoastedBasic Meat
Grouse, RoastedBasic Meat
Ham, BoiledBasic cooking
Hash, Red FlannelGreat use for leftovers
Hash, Wiggins Red FlannelVegetarian left-over remix
Hodge-Podge II(Cold Meat Cookery)
Kidneys, Broiled(a Breakfast or Supper Dish)
Kidneys, FriedBasic cooking
Lamb ChopsBasic meat
Lamb Chops, Barbecued Bay leaves add the flavor
Lamb Cutlets and Spinach (an Entree)
Lamb's Fry(aka Lamb's Liver>
Lamb, Leg of, BoiledBasic cooking
Lamb, RoastedBasic cooking
Landrail, Roastedaka Corn-Crake
Liver, Calf's and BaconBasic entree
Liver, Calf's, aux Fines Herbes & Sauce Piquante.Entree
Mutton, Curried(Cold Meat Cookery)
Mutton, RoastedBasic cooking
North Carolina Pulled PorkAdapted from a traditional recipe
Ox-Feet, FriedCow-Heel may also be used
Ox-Tails, BroiledBasic meat
Partridge, RoastedBasic meat
Pigeon, FricaseeBasic cooking
Pigeons, RoastedBasic cooking
Rabbit a la MinuteSimple (yet tasty) entree
Rabbit, BoiledBasic cooking
Rabbit, FriedBasic meat
Sausage-Meat CakesGreat for breakfast
Sausages, FriedBasic meat
Scotch CollopsCold Meat Cookery
Sucking-Pig, RoastedImpressive main dish
Toad-in-the-Hole(Cold Meat Cookery)
Turkey CroquettesCold Meat Cookery
Turkey, HashedGreat use of leftovers
Turkey, RoastedBasic Meat
Veal a la Bourgeoise"An excellent dish"
Veal Cake"a Convenient Dish for a Picnic"

60 of 60 Meats
Displaying Meats 1 to 50
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