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Seafood was an important part of the colonial diets; most towns were on some body of water, and fishing was a primary industry in many settlements; thus, a wide variety of recipes encompassing most every edible creature beneath the waves.

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Anchovies, FriedBasic fish
Barbel in SauceBasic fish
Brill, BoiledBasic fish
Carp, StewedBasic fish
Cod a la CremeGood for leftover fish
Cod a la Maitre d'HotelGreat for leftover cod
Cod, BoiledBasic fish
Crab, HotColonial seafood
Eel, CollaredBasic fish
Eels en MateloteBasic fish
Eels, FriedBasic fish
Fish CakeGreat for leftovers
Flounder, Boiled Basic fish
Flounder, FriedBasic fish
Gudgeons, FriedBasic fish
Haddock, BoiledBasic fish
Herring, FriedBasic cooking
Lamprey, FriedBasic cooking
Lobster Cutlets"an Entree"
Mackerel, BoiledBasic fish
Mackerel, BroiledBasic cooking
Mackerel, PickledBasic fish
Mackerel, SousedBasic cooking
Mullet, GreyBasic fish
Oysters, FriedBasic cooking
Oysters, Fried Italian"Delicious delicacy"
Perch, BoiledBasic fish
Perch, FriedBasic fish
Pike, BakedBasic fish
Pike, BoiledBasic fish
Plaice, StewedSeafood entree
Salmon, BoiledBasic fish
Salmon, BroiledBasic fish
Salmon, CollaredBritish-style fish
Salmon, PickledGreat for leftovers
Sea Bream, BakedBasic fish
Shad, DressedBasic seafood
Shrimps, PottedEasy seafood dish
Skate (Small), FriedBasic fish
Skate with Caper Saucea la Francaise
Skate, BoiledBasic fish
Skate, CrimpedBasic fish
Smelts, BakedBasic fish
Smelts, FriedBasic fish
Soles with Cream Sauce"This will be found a most delicate and delicious dish."
Soles, BakedBasic fish
Soles, BoiledBasic fish
Soles, FriedBasic fish
Sturgeon, BakedBasic fish
Trout, BoiledBasic fish

60 of 60 Seafood
Displaying Seafood 1 to 50
  1 2  

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