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Side Dishes

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Colonial meals were principally comprised of a meat or seafood dish, and then several different vegetables and starches on a side table -- whence the term side dish.

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Apples and Rice(A Plain Dish.)
Apples in Red Jelly(A pretty Supper Dish)
Applesauce Classic side dish with colonial accent
Artichokes, BoiledBasic vegetable
Artichokes, Fried(Entremets, or Small Dish, to be served with the Second Course.)
Asparagus Peas(Entremets, side-dish with the Second Course)
Asparagus Pudding"A delicious Dish"
Asparagus, BoiledBasic vegetables
Beetroot, BoiledBasic vegetable
Beetroot, PickledBasic vegetable
Blanc-Mange(A Supper Dish)
Blanc-Mange, Arrowroot(An inexpensive Supper Dish)
Carrots, BoiledBasic vegetable
Celery, StewedColonial side dish
Cucumbers a la PouletteBest in late summer
Cucumbers, DressedColonial side dish
Cucumbers, FriedColonial side dish
Cucumbers,Stewed, with OnionsColonial side dish
Egg PieColonial side dish
Egg Plant, FriedGreat for camping
Endive a la FrancaiseColonial side dish
Endive, StewedBasic vegetable
Forcemeat BallsFor Fish Soups
Forcemeat, Oyster for Roast or Boiled Turkey
Forcemeat, Pork for Veal, Turkeys, Fowls, Hare, &c.
Forcemeat, Seafood Ifor Pike, Carp, Haddock, & Various Fish
Forcemeat, Seafood IIFor Baked Pike
Forcemeat, Veal and BaconFor Cold Savoury Pies
Fowl, Roasted & StuffedBasic Meat
Garden Potato CakesChives and parsley add to the flavor
Haricots Blancs a la Maitre d'HotelColonial side dish
Haricots Blancs, BoiledOr white haricot beans
Johnny CakesCornmeal cakes
Kale and OnionsA tasty vegetarian medley
Mock OystersCorn fritters
MushColonial grits
Mushrooms, BakedA Breakfast, Luncheon, or Supper Dish
Mushrooms, Broiled"A Breakfast, Luncheon, or Supper Dish"
Mushrooms, StewedBasic Vegetable
Onion PieVegetarian pastry
Onions, Pickled IColonial side dish
Onions, Pickled II(a very Simple Method, and exceedingly Good)
Onions, Spanish, BakedColonial side dish
Parsnips, BoiledBasic Vegetable
Peas, Green, a la FrancaiseVegetarian
Plymouth Succotash Great, tasty side!
Potato BallsGreat side dish
Potato FrittersColonial side dish
Potato SnowEasy side dish
Potatoes, MashedBasic cooking

60 of 60 Side Dishes
Displaying Side Dishes 1 to 50
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