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Perhaps because most of the actual cooking was rudimentary and somewhat bland -- or maybe because there was no refrigeration and meat and fish were frequently "off" -- there was no shortage of sauces to add flavoring or to cover a bad taste. In addition, the colonists came up with a rather large variety of different gravies, preservatives and other toppings to add zest to their food.

Sauces were usually fairly specific to a type of food: red meats, fish, vegetables, etc. Frequently a recipe states "serve with sauce," without specifyng an exact mixture; feel free to experiment to find one that is right for your meal.
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Alma PuddingColonial dessert
Almond CakeColonial dessert
Almond Crumb ToppingPie/cake/cookie topping
Almond FlowersElegant dessert
Almond Pudding, Baked"Very rich"
Almond SoupHearty, nutty soup
Anchovies, FriedBasic fish
Anchovy SauceSeafood sauce
Apple Butter IEarliest recipe available
Apple Butter II"very good article on the tea-table"
Apple Butter IIIWithout cider
Apple Ginger"A Dessert Dish"
Apple Pudding, Baked"Very Good"
Apple Sauce"for Geese, Pork, &c."
Apple SnowballsColonial dessert
Apple SoupEarly American fruit soup
Apple-Almond Crumb Pie Early American pie
Apples and Rice(A Plain Dish.)
Apples in Red Jelly(A pretty Supper Dish)
Applesauce Classic side dish with colonial accent
Apricot CreamChilled dessert
Apricot Pudding, BakedColonial dessert
Apricot-Gooseberry Strudel Filling Pie filling
Aqua Mirabilisa very fine Cordial
Arrowroot PuddingBaked or Boiled
Arrowroot SauceFor puddings
Artichoke (Jerusalem) Soup"A White Soup"
Artichokes, BoiledBasic vegetable
Artichokes, Fried(Entremets, or Small Dish, to be served with the Second Course.)
Asparagus Peas(Entremets, side-dish with the Second Course)
Asparagus Pudding"A delicious Dish"
Asparagus Soup ISummer soup
Asparagus Soup IIBasic soup
Asparagus, BoiledBasic vegetables
Aunt Nelly's PuddingBest for winter
Bachelor's PuddingEasy dessert
Baked Soup"a very cheap and wholesome soup"
Barbel in SauceBasic fish
Barley SoupEasy hearty soup
Barley-WaterFor invalids
Baroness PuddingGood in winter
Batter Pudding, Baked IColonial dessert
Batter Pudding, Baked IIwith Dried or Fresh Fruit
Batter Pudding, BoiledColonial dessert
BechamelFrench White Sauce
Beef CakeGreat for leftovers
Beef Steaks, FriedColonial steaks
Beef TeaPrimarily for invalids
Beef Tea, BakedFor invalids
Beef Tea, SavourySoyer's Recipe
Beef, Curried(Cold Meat Cookery)
Beef, RoastedBasic cooking
Beetroot, BoiledBasic vegetable
Beetroot, PickledBasic vegetable
Benton Sauce(to serve with Hot or Cold Roast Beef)
Biscuits, CommonBasic baking
Biscuits, CrispBasic baking
Biscuits, DessertWhich may be flavoured with Ground Ginger, Cinnamon, &c. &c.
Biscuits, HardBasic bread
Biscuits, LemonTangy treat
Biscuits, Plain & Very CrispBasic bread
Biscuits, RockBasic baking
Biscuits, SeedBasic baking
Biscuits, Simple HardBasic baking
Biscuits, SodaBasic baking
Black-Cock, Roastedaka Black Grouse
Blanc-Mange(A Supper Dish)
Blanc-Mange, Arrowroot(An inexpensive Supper Dish)
Bread Pudding, BakedColonial dessert
Bread Pudding, BoiledColonial dessert
Bread Pudding, Very PlainBasic dessert
Bread Puddings, MiniatureColonial dessert
Bread Sauce I(to serve with Roast Turkey, Fowl, Game, &c.)
Bread Sauce II(to serve with Roast Turkey, Fowl, Game, &c.)
Bread Soup"Economical"
Bread, Good..with potatoes
Bread, Good Home-Made (Miss Acton's Recipe)
Brill, BoiledBasic fish
Brilla SoupHearty beef and vegetable soup
Brown BreadA sweet brown bread
Brown Celery Sauce For roasted fowl
Brown RouxA French Thickening for Gravies and Sauces
Brown-Bread PuddingWinter pudding
BrowningFor Stock
Bubble-and-Squeak(Cold Meat Cookery)
Buns, LightMakes 12 buns or one cake
Buns, PlainMakes 18 buns
Buns, Plain, GoodBasic baking
Buns, VictoriaMakes 7-8 buns
ButterColonial staple
Butter, Browned(A French sauce, aka Beurre Noir)
Butter, ClarifiedColonial staple
Butter, FairyFlavored butter
Butter, Melted IColonial staple
Butter, Melted II(More Economical)
Butter, Melted III(the French Sauce Blanche)
Butter, Melted. with MilkGood for seafood
Butter, Thickenedenriched butter
Cabbage SoupSeasonable in winter
Cake, Bride, Richaka Christening Cake
Cake, CommonSuitable for sending to Children at School
Cake, EconomicalBasic baking
Cake, Nice Useful Basic baking
Calf's Feet, FricasseedColonial main dish
Calf's Head, Hashed(Cold Meat Cookery)
Canary PuddingLemony dessert
Candied CitrusColonial candy
Candied GingerAdapted from Martha Washington's recipe
Caper Sauce IFor fish
Carp, StewedBasic fish
Carrot Soup IUpdated 18 century recipe
Carrot Soup IIBasic soup
Carrot Soup IIIBasic soup
Carrots, BoiledBasic vegetable
Celery SauceFor roasted fowl
Celery SoupBasic soup
Celery VinegarFor salads
Celery, StewedColonial side dish
Champagne CobblerDelicious refresher
Champagne-CupPass-around drink for events
Chantilly SoupSummer soup
Cherry BrandyPotent Potable
Cherry JamGreat topping for bread
Chestnut (Spanish) SoupAutumn soup
Chicken Roly-Poly A very old recipe
Chocolate Truffles Delicious chocolate treats
Christmas CakeHoliday dessert
Claret CupMade for weddings and other events
CocoaWinter drink
Cocoa-Nut SoupAutumn soup
Cod a la CremeGood for leftover fish
Cod a la Maitre d'HotelGreat for leftover cod
Cod, BoiledBasic fish
CoffeeBasic beverage
Coffee, NutritiousColonial breakfast drink
Colonial BreadAdapted for bread machine
Colonial Brown Sugar CookiesGreat dessert or snack
Colonial VinaigretteSalad/veggie dressing
Colony Corn Chowder Hearty soup
Cordial, Very FineColonial drink
Cowslip WineColonial wine
Crab, HotColonial seafood
Crust, Butter for Boiled Puddings
Crust, CommonFor Raised Pies
Crust, Common ShortBasic baking
Crust, Suet"for Pies or Puddings"
Cucumber Soup(French Recipe)
Cucumbers a la PouletteBest in late summer
Cucumbers, DressedColonial side dish
Cucumbers, FriedColonial side dish
Cucumbers,Stewed, with OnionsColonial side dish
Currant Pudding, Boiled(Plain and Economical)
Currant ShrubCurrant juice and rum
Custard Pudding, BoiledBasic dessert
Damson WineColonial wine
Dilly Casserole BreadGreat use for dill seed
Drawing GravyBasic gravy
Duck Ragout, WholeWinter entree
Duck, Wild, Roasted Basic meat
Economical CakeBasic baking
Eel Broth IBasic broth
Eel Broth IIVery nutritious broth
Eel SoupBasic soup
Eel, CollaredBasic fish
Eels en MateloteBasic fish
Eels, FriedBasic fish
Egg PieColonial side dish
Egg Plant, FriedGreat for camping
Egg SoupColonial soup
Egg WinePrimarily for invalids
Elder WineColonial wine
Endive a la FrancaiseColonial side dish
Endive, StewedBasic vegetable
English StewVariation of Irish Stew
Everton ToffeeColonial candy
Excellent RollsMakes six rolls
Exeter Pudding(Very rich)
Fig Pudding IHoliday dessert
Fig Pudding II(Staffordshire Recipe)
Financiers Small cakes/cookies
Fish CakeGreat for leftovers
Fish House PunchGreat for parties!
Fish SauceBasic sauce
FlipPotent potable
Flounder, Boiled Basic fish
Flounder, FriedBasic fish
FlummeryEarly American pudding
Forcemeat BallsFor Fish Soups
Forcemeat, Oyster for Roast or Boiled Turkey
Forcemeat, Pork for Veal, Turkeys, Fowls, Hare, &c.
Forcemeat, Seafood Ifor Pike, Carp, Haddock, & Various Fish
Forcemeat, Seafood IIFor Baked Pike
Forcemeat, Veal and BaconFor Cold Savoury Pies
Fowl, Broiled, and Mushroom SauceFor chicken, et&.
Fowl, Roasted & StuffedBasic Meat
Fowls, RoastedBasic Meat
Garden Potato CakesChives and parsley add to the flavor
German Pancakes with ApplesSweet fritters
German PuddingColonial dessert
Giblet SoupHearty soup
Ginger Apples"A pretty Dessert Dish"
Ginger Beer IColonial refresher
Ginger Beer IIColonial refresher
Ginger Cake, FreshMayflower-era treat
Ginger PuddingColonial dessert
Ginger WineSummer wine
Gingerbread, MusterSweet colonial bread
Gingerbread, ThickTasty sweet bread
Gingerbread, WhiteBasic baking
Good Holiday CakeBasic baking
Gooseberry JellyColonial preserves
Gooseberry Pudding, BakedColonial dessert
Gooseberry Vinegar"An Excellent Recipe"
Gooseberry Wine, EffervescingPotent colonial wine
Grape WineColonial wine
Gravy IFor Roast Meat
Gravy, Jugged"Excellent"
Grouse, RoastedBasic Meat
Gudgeons, FriedBasic fish
Haddock, BoiledBasic fish
Half-Pay PuddingEconomical dessert
Ham, BoiledBasic cooking
Haricots Blancs a la Maitre d'HotelColonial side dish
Haricots Blancs, BoiledOr white haricot beans
Hash, Red FlannelGreat use for leftovers
Hash, Wiggins Red FlannelVegetarian left-over remix
Herring, FriedBasic cooking
Hodge-Podge IHearty stew
Hodge-Podge II(Cold Meat Cookery)
Honey CakeSweet bread
Hot PunchPotent winter warmer
Huguenot TorteApple-nut cake
Hunter's PuddingSeasonable in winter
Iced Pudding(Parisian Recipe)
Indian Tapioca PuddingEarly American pudding
Indian-Corn-Flour BreadColonial maize bread
Johnny CakesCornmeal cakes
Kale and OnionsA tasty vegetarian medley
Kale Brose"a Scotch Recipe"
Kidneys, Broiled(a Breakfast or Supper Dish)
Kidneys, FriedBasic cooking
Lamb ChopsBasic meat
Lamb Chops, Barbecued Bay leaves add the flavor
Lamb Cutlets and Spinach (an Entree)
Lamb's Fry(aka Lamb's Liver)
Lamb, Leg of, BoiledBasic cooking
Lamb, RoastedBasic cooking
Lamprey, FriedBasic cooking
Landrail, Roastedaka Corn-Crake
Leek Soup IColonial winter soup
Lemon BrandyPotent tangy flavor
Lemon CakeBasic baking
Lemon GlazeCookie/cake topping
Lemon SauceFor boiled fowl
Lemon SyrupUsed for "refreshing summer drink"
Lemon WineColonial wine
LemonadeSummer refresher
Lemonade for InvalidsWhen regular lemonade is just too much!
Lemonade, Nourishing(with sherry & eggs)
Liver and Lemon SauceFor Poultry
Liver and Parsley SauceFor Poultry
Liver, Calf's and BaconBasic entree
Liver, Calf's, aux Fines Herbes & Sauce Piquante.Entree
Lobster Cutlets"an Entree"
Lobster SauceSeafood sauce
Luncheon Cake Basic baking
MacaroonsAlmond cookies
Mackerel, BoiledBasic fish
Mackerel, BroiledBasic cooking
Mackerel, PickledBasic fish
Mackerel, SousedBasic cooking
Maitre d'Hotel Sauce (Hot)"to serve with Calf's Head, Boiled Eels, and different Fish."
Malt WineSweet potable
Mango-Papaya Sorbet Modernized 18th-century exotic dessert
Maple Whipped CreamPancake topping
Martha Washington's Rum PunchPresidential punch
Milk Soupa Nice Dish for Children
Mint Sauce"to serve with Roast Lamb"
Mixed Berry and Cream Cheese TurnoversFruity dessert
Mixed Fruit WineFruity wine
Mock OystersCorn fritters
Mulled WineSpiced wine
Mullet, GreyBasic fish
Mulligan StewVery old recipe
MushColonial grits
Mushroom Ketchup"one of the most useful store sauces to the experienced cook"
Mushrooms, BakedA Breakfast, Luncheon, or Supper Dish
Mushrooms, Broiled"A Breakfast, Luncheon, or Supper Dish"
Mushrooms, StewedBasic Vegetable
Mutton Broth(also for Veal Broth)
Mutton Broth, Quickly MadeEasy soup for an invalid
Mutton, Curried(Cold Meat Cookery)
Mutton, RoastedBasic cooking
NegusWine for "children's parties"
New England Haddock ChowderGreat fish soup
Norfolk PunchAttributed to the Duke of Norfolk
North Carolina Pulled PorkAdapted from a traditional recipe
NoyeauFlavoring for sweet dishes
Old Ironsides Rum and SodaPotent potable
Old Salem SmashPotent potable
Onion PieVegetarian pastry
Onion Sauce"for a Turkie"
Onions, Pickled IColonial side dish
Onions, Pickled II(a very Simple Method, and exceedingly Good)
Onions, Spanish, BakedColonial side dish
Orange Batter PuddingBest for winter
Orange Brandy"Excellent"
Orange FrittersColonial dessert
Orange Gravy"for Wildfowl, Widgeon, Teal, &c."
Orange Wine, Very Superior(also for Ginger Wine)
Ox-Feet, FriedCow-Heel may also be used
Ox-Tails, BroiledBasic meat
Oyster SauceSeafood sauce
Oysters, FriedBasic cooking
Oysters, Fried in BatterGreat by themselves or as a garnish
Oysters, Fried Italian"Delicious delicacy"
Parsnips, BoiledBasic Vegetable
Partridge SoupBasic soup
Partridge, RoastedBasic meat
Paste, Commonfor Family Pies
Pate Brisee IFrench pie dough
Pate Brisee IIaka French Crust, for Raised Pies
Pate SucreeRich Pie Dough
Pavini CakeModerately-sweet cake
Pea Soup, Winter (Yellow)Suitable for cold weather
Peach-Raspberry Strudel Filling Pie filling
Peas, Green, a la FrancaiseVegetarian
Peppermint DropsColonial candy
Perch, BoiledBasic fish
Perch, FriedBasic fish
Pesto SauceGreat use for basil
Pheasant SoupWinter soup
Pigeon, FricaseeBasic cooking
Pigeons, RoastedBasic cooking
Pike, BakedBasic fish
Pike, BoiledBasic fish
Plaice, StewedSeafood entree
Planters' PunchRefreshing (and potent!) drink
Pleasant DrinkFor Warm Weather
Plum-Pudding, Christmas "Very Good"
Plymouth Succotash Great, tasty side!
Potage Printanieraka Spring Soup
Potato BallsGreat side dish
Potato FrittersColonial side dish
Potato SnowEasy side dish
Potato StewHearty vegetaian stew
Potatoes, MashedBasic cooking
Puff Paste, MediumEconomy puff paste
Puff Paste, Very GoodUsed in many other recipes
Pumpkin BreadDelicious autumn bread
Rabbit a la MinuteSimple (yet tasty) entree
Rabbit, BoiledBasic cooking
Rabbit, FriedBasic meat
Rabbits, Stewed in MilkWinter dish
Raisin Pudding, Baked(Plain and Economical)
Raspberry Pate de Fruits Colonial candy
Raspberry Vinegar(also used as medicine)
Regency SoupBasic Soup
Rhubarb WinePotent potable
Rice BreadBasic baking
Rice Pudding, Frenchaka Gateau De Riz
Rice Soup IColonial soup
Rice Soup IIBasic soup
Rice Soup IIIBasic soup
Rice-Milk"wholesome for children"
Roman PunchParty drink
Rosemary Bread A tasty herbed bread
Rosewater-Almond Cookies Colonial cookies
Rye and Indian BreadModernized colonial bread
Sago SoupHearty broth
SalmagundiColonial salad
Salmon, BoiledBasic fish
Salmon, BroiledBasic fish
Salmon, CollaredBritish-style fish
Salmon, PickledGreat for leftovers
Sausage-Meat CakesGreat for breakfast
Sausages, FriedBasic meat
Scotch CollopsCold Meat Cookery
Scotch Mutton BrothGreat for cold days
Scotch ShortbreadColonial sweet bread
Sea Bream, BakedBasic fish
Sea-Kale, BoiledSpring side dish
Semolina Pudding, BakedColonial dessert
Semolina SoupColonial soup
Shad, DressedBasic seafood
Shallot Sauce"For a scrag of boiled mutton"
Sham Port WineEconomic imitation
Shrimp SauceSeafood sauce
Shrimps, PottedEasy seafood dish
Shrub IOrange juice and rum
Shrub IIOrange/lemon juice and liquor
Shrub IIIOrange juice and rum
Skate (Small), FriedBasic fish
Skate with Caper Saucea la Francaise
Skate, BoiledBasic fish
Skate, CrimpedBasic fish
SlapjacksEarly American pancakes
Smelts, BakedBasic fish
Smelts, FriedBasic fish
Snow Eggs"A very pretty Supper Dish"
Soda BreadBasic baking
Soda-CakeColonial dessert
Soles with Cream Sauce"This will be found a most delicate and delicious dish."
Soles, BakedBasic fish
Soles, BoiledBasic fish
Soles, FriedBasic fish
Soup a la Cantatrice"An Excellent Soup, very Beneficial for the Voice"
Soup a la CrecyColonial soup
Soup Maigrei.e. without Meat (vegetarian)
Spice Cookies Cookie cookies
Spiced Cider PunchGreat for parties!
Spiced TeaColonial refresher
Spinach Dressed with Cream"a la Francaise"
Spinach GreenFor Colouring Various Dishes
Spruce BeerColonial beer
Spruce Beer, WhiteColonial refresher
Squash MuffinsTasty breakfast treat
Stock, ClarifiedClears muddy soup stock
Stock, EconomicalFor leftovers
Stock, FishBasic soup stock
Stock, MediumBasic soup stock
Stock, Rich StrongBasic stock
Stock, White"To be Used in the Preparation of White Soups"
Stone Fruit Preserves Colonial jellies
StreuselFruit & coffeecake topping
Streusel, OatenFruit & coffeecake topping
Sturgeon, BakedBasic fish
Sucking-Pig, RoastedImpressive main dish
Summer DraughtEffervescing lemon drink
Swamp Yankee Applesauce CakeColonial cake
Sweet Saucefor Venison
SyllabubSoft custard pudding
TeaBasic beverage
Tea-CakesCake with your tea
Thirded BreadCrusty & slightly sour
Toad-in-the-Hole(Cold Meat Cookery)
Toasted NutsTasty snack or dessert topping
Tomatoes, Baked"Excellent"
Trout, BoiledBasic fish
Trout, FriedBasic fish
Turbot a la CremeGood for leftovers
Turbot au GratinGood for leftovers
Turbot, BoiledBasic fish
Turkey CroquettesCold Meat Cookery
Turkey, HashedGreat use of leftovers
Turkey, RoastedBasic Meat
Turnip Greens, BoiledBasic vegetable
Turnip SoupColonial soup
Turnips, BoiledBasic cooking
Turnips, MashedColonial side dish
Useful Soup" For Benevolent Purposes"
Veal a la Bourgeoise"An excellent dish"
Veal Brothsoup/gravy stock
Veal Cake"a Convenient Dish for a Picnic"
Veal Cutlets a la Maintenon "an Entree"
Veal, BakedCold Meat Cookery
Veal, CurriedCold Meat Cookery
Veal, Leg of, Stuffed.Basic cooking
Veal, Minced, and Macaroni"A pretty side or corner dish"
Veal, Pottedfor Breakfast
Veal, Ragout of ColdCold Meat Cookery
Veal, RoastedBasic cooking
Venison, Haunch of, RoastedColonial Entree
Venison, Roast Colonial Entree
Vermacelli SoupColonial soup
Wafers, GenevaSweet treats!
Walnut Ketchup IVersatile sauce
Walnut Ketchup IIFrom walnut shells
Walnuts, Pickled(Very Good)
WassailColonial hot cider punch
Welsh NectarColonial drink
Whiskey CordialSeasonable in July
White GravyBasic gravy
Whitebait, DressedBasic fish
Whiting au Gratinaka Baked Whiting
Whiting aux Fine HerbesColonial fish
Whiting, BoiledBasic fish
Whiting, BroiledBasic fish
Whiting, FriedBasic fish
Wine, MulledWinter drink
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