A collection of world events between 1492 and 1859, focusing on the 17th and 18th centuries. Please refer to the Guide for more info, tips and Search examples...

??????1576Jul02Muitende Spanish soldiers conquer Zierik Sea
NEMvEx1598Jul02Olivier van Noort leaves Rotterdam with four poorly-equipped ships and a plan to attack Spanish ships in the Pacific and to trade with China and the Spice Islands
EUCfEy1600Jul02Battle of Nieuwpoort: Prince Maurice of Orange’s army occupies Nieuwpoort Flanders, Netherlands
EUCfEy   Battle of Nieuwpoort: Earl Maurice of Orange beats Spanish Army
GBCfEc1644Jul02Battle of Marston Moor: Parliamentary forces defeat royalists
GBScLc1681Jul02Anthony Ashley Cooper, 1st Earl of Shaftesbury, arrested for high-treason
GBScGv1687Jul02King James II disbands English parliament
EUCfAc1747Jul02Battle of Lauffeld: France beat English/Dutch army
NASeIv1764Jul02Simon Willard patents his clock jack
NAScGv1776Jul02Continental Congress votes for independence, resolves "these United Colonies are and of right ought to be Free and Independent States"
NAScLc1777Jul02Vermont’s legislature agree to become tha first American colony to abolish slavery entirely and to provide full voting rights for African American males
FRMeSp1787Jul02Marquis de Sade shouts from Bastille that prisoners are being slaughtered
??????1794Jul02Second Battle of Seneffe: France-Austria
NAMvEx1808Jul02Simon Fraser completes his trip down Fraser River, BC, lands at Musqueam
NAMeSp1809Jul02Chief Tecumseh urges Indians to unite against whites
ASScGv1839Jul02Abdulmecid I succeeds Mahmud II as Sultan of Turkey
ATCfSk   Mutiny on the La Amistad slave ship
NASeNd1843Jul02An alligator falls from sky during a Charleston, South Carolina, thunderstorm
NAScGw1847Jul02Envelope bearing first U.S. 10 cents stamps, still exists today
IT????1849Jul02Giuseppe Garibaldi in Rome begins hunger strike
NASeIv1850Jul02Benjamin Lane patents gas mask with a breathing apparatus
ASScGv1858Jul02Partial emancipation of Russian serfs

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