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The recipes of Colonial America are quite diverse, going well beyond "Boston Baked Beans" or venison and turkey. And, given their limited supply of resources -- the supermarket did not yet exist -- they used their ingenuity to create a wide range of palatable dishes. Some we still enjoy today in mainstream America, while other methods and items of preparation have fallen out of fashion. Here you will find both the popular and not-so-popular recipes of the early Americans.

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Cucumbers,Stewed, with OnionsSide DishesColonial side dish
Currant Pudding, BoiledDesserts(Plain and Economical)
Currant ShrubDrinksCurrant juice and rum
Custard Pudding, BoiledDessertsBasic dessert
Damson WineDrinksColonial wine
Dilly Casserole BreadBreads-CakesGreat use for dill seed
Drawing GravyToppingsBasic gravy
Duck Ragout, WholeMeatsWinter entree
Duck, Wild, Roasted MeatsBasic meat
Economical CakeBreads-CakesBasic baking
Eel Broth ISoups-StewsBasic broth
Eel Broth IISoups-StewsVery nutritious broth
Eel SoupSoups-StewsBasic soup
Eel, CollaredSeafoodBasic fish
Eels en MateloteSeafoodBasic fish
Eels, FriedSeafoodBasic fish
Egg PieSide DishesColonial side dish
Egg Plant, FriedSide DishesGreat for camping
Egg SoupSoups-StewsColonial soup
Egg WineDrinksPrimarily for invalids
Elder WineDrinksColonial wine
Endive a la FrancaiseSide DishesColonial side dish
Endive, StewedSide DishesBasic vegetable
English StewSoups-StewsVariation of Irish Stew
Everton ToffeeDessertsColonial candy
Excellent RollsBreads-CakesMakes six rolls
Exeter PuddingDesserts(Very rich)
Fig Pudding IDessertsHoliday dessert
Fig Pudding IIDesserts(Staffordshire Recipe)
Financiers Breads-CakesSmall cakes/cookies
Fish CakeSeafoodGreat for leftovers
Fish House PunchDrinksGreat for parties!
Fish SauceToppingsBasic sauce
FlipDrinksPotent potable
Flounder, Boiled SeafoodBasic fish
Flounder, FriedSeafoodBasic fish
FlummeryDessertsEarly American pudding
Forcemeat BallsSide DishesFor Fish Soups
Forcemeat, OysterSide Dishes for Roast or Boiled Turkey
Forcemeat, PorkSide Dishes for Veal, Turkeys, Fowls, Hare, &c.
Forcemeat, Seafood ISide Dishesfor Pike, Carp, Haddock, & Various Fish
Forcemeat, Seafood IISide DishesFor Baked Pike
Forcemeat, Veal and BaconSide DishesFor Cold Savoury Pies
Fowl, Broiled, and Mushroom SauceMeatsFor chicken, et&.
Fowl, Roasted & StuffedSide DishesBasic Meat
Fowls, RoastedMeatsBasic Meat
Garden Potato CakesSide DishesChives and parsley add to the flavor
German Pancakes with ApplesDessertsSweet fritters
German PuddingDessertsColonial dessert
Giblet SoupSoups-StewsHearty soup

480 of 480 Recipes
Displaying Recipes 151 to 200
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  

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