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The recipes of Colonial America are quite diverse, going well beyond "Boston Baked Beans" or venison and turkey. And, given their limited supply of resources -- the supermarket did not yet exist -- they used their ingenuity to create a wide range of palatable dishes. Some we still enjoy today in mainstream America, while other methods and items of preparation have fallen out of fashion. Here you will find both the popular and not-so-popular recipes of the early Americans.

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480 of 480 Recipes
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Lemon BrandyDrinksPotent tangy flavor
Lemon CakeBreads-CakesBasic baking
Lemon GlazeToppingsCookie/cake topping
Lemon SauceToppingsFor boiled fowl
Lemon SyrupToppingsUsed for "refreshing summer drink"
Lemon WineDrinksColonial wine
LemonadeDrinksSummer refresher
Lemonade for InvalidsDrinksWhen regular lemonade is just too much!
Lemonade, NourishingDrinks(with sherry & eggs)
Liver and Lemon SauceToppingsFor Poultry
Liver and Parsley SauceToppingsFor Poultry
Liver, Calf's and BaconMeatsBasic entree
Liver, Calf's, aux Fines Herbes & Sauce Piquante.MeatsEntree
Lobster CutletsSeafood"an Entree"
Lobster SauceToppingsSeafood sauce
Luncheon Cake Breads-CakesBasic baking
MacaroonsDessertsAlmond cookies
Mackerel, BoiledSeafoodBasic fish
Mackerel, BroiledSeafoodBasic cooking
Mackerel, PickledSeafoodBasic fish
Mackerel, SousedSeafoodBasic cooking
Maitre d'Hotel Sauce (Hot)Toppings"to serve with Calf's Head, Boiled Eels, and different Fish."
Malt WineDrinksSweet potable
Mango-Papaya Sorbet DessertsModernized 18th-century exotic dessert
Maple Whipped CreamToppingsPancake topping
Martha Washington's Rum PunchDrinksPresidential punch
Milk SoupSoups-Stewsa Nice Dish for Children
Mint SauceToppings"to serve with Roast Lamb"
Mixed Berry and Cream Cheese TurnoversDessertsFruity dessert
Mixed Fruit WineDrinksFruity wine
Mock OystersSide DishesCorn fritters
Mulled WineDrinksSpiced wine
Mullet, GreySeafoodBasic fish
Mulligan StewSoups-StewsVery old recipe
MushSide DishesColonial grits
Mushroom KetchupToppings"one of the most useful store sauces to the experienced cook"
Mushrooms, BakedSide DishesA Breakfast, Luncheon, or Supper Dish
Mushrooms, BroiledSide Dishes"A Breakfast, Luncheon, or Supper Dish"
Mushrooms, StewedSide DishesBasic Vegetable
Mutton BrothSoups-Stews(also for Veal Broth)
Mutton Broth, Quickly MadeSoups-StewsEasy soup for an invalid
Mutton, CurriedMeats(Cold Meat Cookery)
Mutton, RoastedMeatsBasic cooking
NegusDrinksWine for "children's parties"
New England Haddock ChowderSoups-StewsGreat fish soup
Norfolk PunchDrinksAttributed to the Duke of Norfolk
North Carolina Pulled PorkMeatsAdapted from a traditional recipe
NoyeauToppingsFlavoring for sweet dishes
Old Ironsides Rum and SodaDrinksPotent potable
Old Salem SmashDrinksPotent potable

480 of 480 Recipes
Displaying Recipes 251 to 300
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  

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