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The Conestoga Wagon

Wagon Makers

of Lancaster County

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Conestoga Wagon Picture
In colonial days
it was almost essential for a farmer to have working knowledge of a blacksmith, and a blacksmith to be able to sustain his family by farming. In fact in Lancaster County where the Conestoga wagons were produced, there is a List of Blacksmiths in the Townships of Lancaster County from 1729 to 1840 which lists approximately fifteen hundred blacksmiths.

When the British Parliament passed a law restricting the American colonies to the manufacture of bar iron and cast iron products, Lancaster was protected from of imported goods by a sixty mile journey from Philadelphia. Lancaster had many metal works and an abundant supply of material. It was the perfect spot for the birth of the Conestoga wagon. A blacksmith had to be a jack of all trades including a farrier and at times a wheelwright especially when working on the Conestoga wagons. He was known as a "smithy" in the country towns. Based upon the Tax Assessment Records of Lancaster County for Townships of the Conestoga Valley area, the blacksmith, wheelwright, and wagon maker worked in tandem to create the large freighter that was so influential in colonial America.

Wagon Makers, Wheelwrights, Blacksmith from the Wagoners Tax Assessment Records of Lancaster County for Townships of the Conestoga Valley Area are listed below. The dates given are the first time the person appeared on the list:

Caernarvon Township

Antrican, David1818Blacksmith
Antrican, James1815Blacksmith
Antrican, Samuel1818Blacksmith
Boyer, John1822Blacksmith
Brown, Henry1797Blacksmith
Brown, Nathan1825Blacksmith
Cafry, James1825Blacksmith
Cook, Jacob1819Blacksmith
Cough, Jacob1822Blacksmith
Coyle, ThomasWagon Maker
Criley, Peter1836Blacksmith
Davis, Edward1758Blacksmith
Davis, Jacob1792Blacksmith
Dehaven, Edward1797Blacksmith
Dehaven, Harmon1792Blacksmith
Dehaven, James1807Blacksmith
Dehaven, IsaacWheelwright
Dehaven, Philip1839Blacksmith
Delezel, Thomas1824Blacksmith
Dillor, John1797Blacksmith
Eliot, Thomas1775Blacksmith
Engle, Peter1836Blacksmith
Evans, HiramBlacksmith
Ferrell, John1807Blacksmith
Frernt, George1839Blacksmith
Galaway, William1839Blacksmith
Gilgore, John1818Blacksmith
Hains, John B.1800Blacksmith
Hamond, James1828Blacksmith
Hauck, Eli1839Blacksmith
Hildebrand, Adam1807Blacksmith
Holinger, ThomasBlacksmith
Jackson, David1845Blacksmith
Keemer, John1824Blacksmith
Kellor, David1758Blacksmith
Kich, Balser1769Blacksmith
Kock, Jacob1828Blacksmith
Lilly, Walter1807Blacksmith
Low, John1839Blacksmith
Miller, Jacob1822Blacksmith
Patton, James1807Blacksmith
Peck, BenjaminWheelwright
Rigg, George1800Blacksmith
Roark, Cornelius1832Blacksmith
Ruth, William1819Blacksmith
Smith, Abraham1845Blacksmith
Smith, Conrad1814Blacksmith
Spots, Jacob1821Blacksmith
Squib, ElishaWagon Maker and Wheelwright
Swearer, Peter1825Blacksmith
Thomas, Owen1797Blacksmith
Thomas, William1828Blacksmith
Valentine, Beniamin1836Blacksmith
Valentine, George1836Blacksmith
Valentine, John1831Blacksmith
Valentine, Pennel1832Blacksmith
Wilfron, James1825Blacksmith
William, Joseph1792Blacksmith
Yocum, Isaiah1812Blacksmith

Cocalico Township

Adams, Jacob1842Blacksmith
Althouse, John1842Blacksmith
Althouse, John Jr.1842Blacksmith
Artz, Philip1783Blacksmith
Baker, FredirickWagon Maker
Barter, John1783Blacksmith
Beis, Jacob1796Blacksmith
Bentz, WilliamWheelwright
Bermersderfer, John1758Blacksmith
Bernard, Gier1783Blacksmith
Binckley, Benjamin1842Blacksmith
Bingeman, Paul1796Blacksmith
Bolender, Stephen1783Blacksmith
Bollinger, Jacob1796Blacksmith
Borgholder, PeterWheelwright
Brenneman, Henry1842Blacksmith
Buck, Philip1783Blacksmith
Conrad, Christian1779Blacksmith
Dornbach, Joseph1777Blacksmith
Dinnig, William1842Blacksmith
Duck, Nicholas1783Blacksmith
Eberly, Peter1783Blacksmith
Ecteimach, Jacob1844Blacksmith
Eicholtz, Henry1777Blacksmith
Eisenhart, Cunrad1758Blacksmith
Ensminger, Nicol1758Blacksmith
Foymyer, John1844Blacksmith
Fuhrman, Conrad1796Blacksmith
Fuhrman, Henry1796Blacksmith
Geiger, Bernhardt1777Blacksmith
Gensmoyer, Jacob1777Blacksmith
Gerhard, FrederikeWheelwright
Gerhard, JohnWheelwright
Gramer, Frederick1759Blacksmith
Heldenbendel, JackWheelwright
Heinsey, AdamWagon Maker
Hendel, JohnWagon Maker
Henessy, Henry1783Blacksmith
Hiltonbritte, JacobWheelwright
Hoehn, Nicol1758Blacksmith
Hoffman, Balzer1777Blacksmith
Hoffman, Henry1777Blacksmith
Hoffman, Philip1780Blacksmith
Hogh, Christ1759Blacksmith
Hondfhu, Henry1777Blacksmith
Hornberger, Jacob1796Blacksmith
Hornberger, Samuel1842Blacksmith
Kerfen, Frederick1779Blacksmith
Keplinger, JacobWagoner
Killian, Andrew1844Blacksmith
Kindig, JacobBlacksmith
Klop, HenryWheelwright
Lander, Henry1796Blacksmith
Lead, William1842Blacksmith
Lutz, Nicholaus1777Blacksmith
Markle, Adam1792Blacksmith
Mellinger, Anthony1786Blacksmith
Mellinger, JosephBlacksmith
Mellinger, Samuel1792Blacksmith
Mellinger, Stofohel1792Blacksmith
Mellinger, William1796Blacksmith
Merkel, GeorgeWheelwright
Miller, PeterWagon Maker and Wheelwright
Pitz, Michael1779Blacksmith
Ream, Alexander1844Blacksmith
Ream, Andrew1844Blacksmith
Ream, Cyrus1842Blacksmith
Regar, Isaac1842Blacksmith
Regser, Andrew1842Blacksmith
Renninger, Jacob1842Blacksmith
Ruhland, Jacob1779Blacksmith
Senseman, Jacob1758Blacksmith
Sander, PeterWheelwright
Shimp, Andrew1792Blacksmith
Siegfreid, Solomon1844Blacksmith
Slott, John1842Blacksmith
Smith, Henry1796Blacksmith
Snyder, John1792Blacksmith
Snyder, Peter1779Blacksmith
Sollenberger. Dan1777Blacksmith
Speckler, Frederick1792Blacksmith
Turner, Abraham1844Blacksmith
Urieh, John1783Blacksmith
Ury, John1777Blacksmith
Walk, Matthew1777Blacksmith
Weidnicht, Elias1842Blacksmith
Withner, Jacob1783Blacksmith
Wolf, George1759Blacksmith
Wolfskill, Nathaniel1844Blacksmith
Wolfskill, William1842Blacksmith
Wookert, William1783Blacksmith
Zentmeyer, AdamWagon Maker
Zentmeyer, Jacob1780Blacksmith
Zentmeyer, JohnWagon Maker
Zervas, Nicol1758Blacksmith
Zigler, John1783Blacksmith
Zug, Jacob1796Blacksmith

Earl Township

Alds, Michael1769Blacksmith
Balmer, ChristianWagon Maker
Bartholomew, Jacob1805Blacksmith
Bawder, George1769Blacksmith
Bernhard, Frank1770Blacksmith
Berlits, William1786Blacksmith
Bower, ChristianWheelwright
Bresher, Jacob1772Blacksmith
Bridge, Valentine1780Blacksmith
Brown, WilliamWagon Maker and Wheelwright
Clymer, John1796Blacksmith
Crash, Christopher1781Blacksmith
Cunningham, George1769Blacksmith
David, Jacob1800Blacksmith
Davis, Jacob1805Blacksmith
Dehaven, Abraham1806Blacksmith
Diffenderfer, DavidWagon Maker and Wheelwright
Diffenderfer, George1820Blacksmith
Diffenderfer, MichaelWheelwright
Dillear, Peter1783Blacksmith
Diller, John1815Blacksmith
Dinnis, William1820Blacksmith
Druck, Philip1788Blacksmith
Engle, Peter1805Blacksmith
Evens, Samuel1805Blacksmith
Fasnaught, Gerard1778Blacksmith
Fellebaum, David1820Blacksmith
Geamer, John1807Blacksmith
Groff, Chrisopher1807Blacksmith
Groff, HenryWagon Maker
Grush, Stophel1780Blacksmith
Handle, Valentine1805Blacksmith
Heatwohl, Jacob1800Blacksmith
Howe, James1770Blacksmith
Keller, Jacob1770Blacksmith
Kimer, John1800Blacksmith
Landis, John1770Blacksmith
Latz, Jacob1805Blacksmith
Lauch, John1800Blacksmith
Latz, Daniel1807Blacksmith
Ressler, GeorgeWagon Maker and Wheelwright
Ressler, HenryBlacksmith
Ressler, PhilipWheelwright
Risler, GeorgeWagoner
Sheaffer, SamuelBlacksmith
Snyder, JohnBlacksmith
Valentine, Peter1796Blacksmith
Warlich, Matthias1788Blacksmith
Weaver, George1822Blacksmith
Weig, Hophel1770Blacksmith
Weik, Stophel1780Blacksmith
Werns, Daniel1796Blacksmith
Wike, Christopher1769Blacksmith
Winter, John1800Blacksmith
Wolford, Ludwig1780Blacksmith

Leacock Township

Abraham, James1803Blacksmith
Anderson, Robert1758Blacksmith
Bartholomey, Jacob1800Blacksmith
Barton, Thomas1811Blacksmith
Bear, Isaac1800Blacksmith
Bird, John1814Blacksmith
Bury, JacobWagon Maker
Canedy, John1814Blacksmith
Carel, Joseph1807Blacksmith
Collington, Jacob1808Blacksmith
Coplin, Joseph1814Blacksmith
Corl, Peter1811Blacksmith
Crage, David1801Blacksmith
Delap, JohnWagon Maker
Dennis, William1811Blacksmith
Drue, William1815Blacksmith
Ealey, Jacob1815Blacksmith
Eby, Joseph1780Blacksmith
Eby, Benjamin1796Blacksmith
Eby, Joseph1796Blacksmith
Erin, John1820Blacksmith
Fellobam, Daniel1807Blacksmith
Forbes, John1780Blacksmith
Frank, George1800 Blacksmith
Garber, Joseph1814Blacksmith
Garver, Peter1802Blacksmith
Gurden, Casper Wagon Maker and Wheelwright
Hamilton, Hugh1807Blacksmith
Headen MosesBlacksmith
Heller, Daniel1805Blacksmith
Hersh, Joseph1820Blacksmith
Johns, Jacob1805Blacksmith
Johns, John1811Blacksmith
Keller, Frederick1799Blacksmith
Klein, Peter1770Blacksmith
Kling, Joel1811Blacksmith
Kling, Moses1808Blacksmith
Kling, Peter1803Blacksmith
Landis, John1820Blacksmith
Lasho, Jacob1802Blacksmith
Lemon, Alex1785Blacksmith
Liget, James1796Blacksmith
Lightner, William1801Blacksmith
Line, David1787Blacksmith
Malcentire, Andrew1820Blacksmith
Mayer, Bear1814Blacksmith
McFadden, Daniel1801Blacksmith
McMullen, Thomas1788Blacksmith
Preslor, Peter1801Blacksmith
Rakestraw, William1811Blacksmith
Roland, John1770Blacksmith
Rough, John1805Blacksmith
Ruch, John1820Blacksmith
Rutter, Bolser1815Blacksmith
Sheaffer, David1811Blacksmith
Sheldeberger, Mich.1785Blacksmith
Shope, Barned1801Blacksmith
Skiles, Gideon1801Blacksmith
Stewart, Philip1800Blacksmith
Stewart, Robert1796Blacksmith
Strickler, Zmahy1802Blacksmith
Tague, Andrew1777Blacksmith
Teag, Hendery1780Blacksmith
Walker, Eli1808Blacksmith
Weaken, Elias1807Blacksmith
Wilce, John1807Blacksmith
Winger, AdamWagon Maker and Wagoner
Wybregh, Michael1758Blacksmith

Strasburg Township

Amend, GeorgeWagon Maker and Wagoner
Amend, HenryWagon Maker
Barge, GeorgeWheelwright
Barber, John1815Blacksmith
Bartholomew, Henry1800Blacksmith
Beam, Christian1796Blacksmith
Beam, Peter1768Blacksmith
Bennard, John1815Blacksmith
Benner, Philip1816Blacksmith
Bennet, Philip1807Blacksmith
Beva, Jacob1753Blacksmith
Blear, James1814Blacksmith
Boyer, David1807Blacksmith
Boyer, Henry1818Blacksmith
Brooks, Matthias Wheelwright and Blacksmith
Brush, John1779Blacksmith
Burges, John1813Blacksmith
Camel, Robert1796Blacksmith
Carnechen, John1753Blacksmith
Clark, RobertWagoner
Cline, Peter1758Blacksmith
Cooper, Daniel1796Blacksmith
Criswell, WilliamWheelwright
Darlington, John1825Blacksmith
Donalley, Philip1807Blacksmith
Drevers, William1800Blacksmith
Eckert, George1802Blacksmith
Eckman, Henry1811Blacksmith
Ervin, William1779Blacksmith
Esburn, Thomas1816Blacksmith
Evitg, Joseph1803Blacksmith
Evits, William1806Blacksmith
Ferre, AbrahamWagon Maker and Blacksmith
Ferre, RichardWagon Maker
Forguson, James1802Blacksmith
Forguson, RobertWagon Maker
Forguson, Samuel1796Blacksmith
Froclich, JohnWagon Maker
Froelich, Jacob1796Blacksmith
Glass, William1814Blacksmith
Groff, George1812Blacksmith
Gutner, PeterWagoner
Hamelton, James1807Blacksmith
Hare, John1787Blacksmith
Harris, Thomas1809Blacksmith
Harvel, Mitchel1810Blacksmith
Herr. John1801Blacksmith
Hestone, SamuelWagon Maker and Blacksmith
Hessler, FredricWagon Maker
Henry, SamuelWheelwright
Hemer, Mose Wagon Maker
Hoober, Sufana1809Blacksmith
Horn, John1814Blacksmith
How, Levi1809Blacksmith
Humel, JacobWagoner
Isburn, John1816Blacksmith
Kendig, Henry1815Blacksmith
Kenny, James Jr.1789Blacksmith
Kimble, John1817Blacksmith
Kindig, George1809Blacksmith
Leaman, Isaac1807Blacksmith
Leittel, ArchibaldWagon Maker
Linvil, ArthurWheelwright
Little, James1825Blacksmith
Loyd, John1818Blacksmith
Loyns, Peter1807Blacksmith
McClochen, Andrew1800Blacksmith
McCue, Andrew1816Blacksmith
MeElroee, James1825Blacksmith
McFadden, Daniel1806Blacksmith
McFadden, Robert1813Blacksmith
McMinn, Hugh1817Blacksmith
MeMurry, Samuel1806Blacksmith
McQuigin, Patrick1803Blacksmith
Meyer, HenryWagon Maker and Wagoner
Miller, Martin1796Wagon Maker and Blacksmith
Mim, JohnWagoner
Morrison, RobertWagon Maker
Mowyer, Balser1815Blacksmith
Moyer, George1779Blacksmith
Pecher, Daniel1815Blacksmith
Pehart, Daniel1814Blacksmith
Pickle, Jacob1787Blacksmith
Pots, EphramWagon Maker
Quigley, James1781Blacksmith
Rees, John1788Blacksmith
Rottenhouser, George1806Blacksmith
Row, FrancisWagon maker and Wagoner
Rusk, Robert1806Blacksmith
Sarbey, Daniel1806Blacksmith
Sevaras, Nicholas1779Blacksmith
Shroy, Samuel1787Blacksmith
Shrye, Simmeral1789Blacksmith
Shultz, John1807Blacksmith
Sides, George1801Blacksmith
Sides, JacobWagon Maker and Wagoner
Sides Jr., Jacob Wagon Maker
Smith, George1782Blacksmith
Snyder, Adam1816Blacksmith
Sweaney, William1809Blacksmith
Tentlinger, John1788Blacksmith
Travers, William1806Blacksmith
Tillicker, John1814Blacksmith
Wals, John1817Blacksmith
Warren, James1816Blacksmith
Warrant, James1809Blacksmith
Weaver, John1806Blacksmith
Weikert, GeorgeWagon Maker
Whitehill, John1803Blacksmith
Whytke. Joseph1802Blacksmith
Wike, John1814Blacksmith
Withers, George1807Blacksmith
Yodder, Christian1812Blacksmith

Source: Research and Text by Bryan Wright

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